Pandemic and Reopening Policy, approved May 2020

Library is currently in Yellow Stage Three offering more services and heading toward the Green Phase

Red Phase


Virtual programming

Email and Telephone Assistance


Essential business operations

Public and donor relations continue

Details and Processes

Limited access to the building, with permission, essential access only.

Yellow Phase


Hold pick up service outside the main entrance.

Utilize book drop for all library returns

No fines

Virtual programs held for our Summer Reading Program.

Phone and Email assistance

Details and Processes

No access to the building by patrons.  Patrons can schedule pick up during the library’s open hours.  Limit 5 books for adults and 5 books for children.  Patrons must wear masks.  They will wait at the top of the ramp for their holds to be placed in the plastic bin if the books aren’t already there.

All returned items must be placed in the book drop.  All returns will be quarantined for 3 days.

No intercounty or interlibrary loan services.

Staff will wear masks, gloves and long sleeves during scheduled pickups.

All book donations suspended.

Yellow Phase-Stage 2


Appointment based access to library computers to be used to secure critical needs.

Resume copy services.

Utilize book drops for all library returns.

Virtual programs.

Details and Processes

Computer used by appointment only.  Only the computer by the window will be accessible for 30 minutes.  The computer will be cleaned after each use.

No access to the collection.

Patrons can pick up holds at the Circulation Desk.  Limit 5 books for adults and 10 books for children.  Patrons must wear masks.  Staff will wear masks, gloves, and long sleeves.

All returned items still in quarantine for 3 days.  No browsing access to the collection.

Book donations continue to be suspended.

Yellow Phase-Stage 3


Hours may be expanded and interlibrary loans may be offered.

Opening Browsing Access to the collection.

Independent use of the Public Access Computers resumes.

Programming resumes for gatherings as designated by the State.

No major events.

Details and Processes

Restore computers that have been removed to accommodate social distancing.

Clear backlog of quarantined items and return to conventional turnaround on shelving items.

Determine how virtual programs fit into the spectrum of services going forward.

Book donations resume once items no longer need quarantine.

Intercounty loans operational.  Interlibrary loans operational.

In-house Patron Visits

Patrons call 570.265.2871 to schedule a library visit.  A time limit of 20 minutes per visit will be set to allow staff to deep clean after each visit.

To enter the library, everyone over the age of two must wear masks covering both their noses and mouths.  For those unable to wear masks, curbside delivery is available.

All book returns must be placed in the book drop.

While in the library, all items handled by patrons who have not washed their hands or used hand sanitizer must be placed on either the large wooden table in the Community Room or the rectangular table in the Easy Readers Section in the main library.  Items will be cleaned and quarantined before being placed on the cart for shelving.

Computer time also must be scheduled and will consist of 20 minutes.  Computers will be cleaned before and after a patron uses it by library staff.

During their visit, if a patron would like to use the bathroom, hand sanitizer must be used before entering the bathroom and when leaving.  The bathroom will be only available to scheduled library users.

No children’s toys, headphones, or pencils will be accessible.  Patrons will not be able to use the library’s phone.

There will be no in-house programming during this phase.


Green Phase


Vaccine has been developed and disturbed.


All return to normal.

Details and Processes

Typical operations.

Library Materials Donation Policy

The library appreciated the generosity of donors with books and other materials. Even though we appreciate your donation, the library cannot accept the following books/tapes:

* Self-help * Encyclopedias * Reader’s condensed books

* Textbooks incl * Magazines * VHS tapes

college, medical, legal * Cassette tapes

The library will not accept donated books with a copyright date older than ten years from the current date.

The library reserves the right to make disposition of all materials received. The staff will use its best professional judgment, taking into consideration the same standards which apply to purchased materials.

If donated material is added to the library collection, the library reserves the right to classify and arrange the materials in whatever fashion is most keeping with the library’s needs. The donor may not restrict access to, use of, or placement of donated materials. Donated materials, once added to the collection, will be subjected to the regular retention procedures.

The library does not provide an appraisal service, suggest value, recommend professional appraisers, nor provide lists of donated materials.

Donation Form Here

Policy for Community Room/Bathroom Usage