Library Materials Donation Policy

The library appreciated the generosity of donors with books and other materials. Even though we appreciate your donation, the library cannot accept the following books/tapes:

* Self-help * Encyclopedias * Reader’s condensed books

* Textbooks incl * Magazines * VHS tapes

college, medical, legal * Cassette tapes

The library will not accept donated books with a copyright date older than ten years from the current date.

The library reserves the right to make disposition of all materials received. The staff will use its best professional judgment, taking into consideration the same standards which apply to purchased materials.

If donated material is added to the library collection, the library reserves the right to classify and arrange the materials in whatever fashion is most keeping with the library’s needs. The donor may not restrict access to, use of, or placement of donated materials. Donated materials, once added to the collection, will be subjected to the regular retention procedures.

The library does not provide an appraisal service, suggest value, recommend professional appraisers, nor provide lists of donated materials.

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