Monroeton Public Library

Located in the heart of a small village, the Monroeton Public Library serves readers of all ages.
We offer a large children’s collection, plus a growing number of activities including building blocks, games, and puzzles. For the mature readers we have an extensive collection of books for all genres of reading. 

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Library Tidbits

Help the library at no extra cost with Amazon Smile!

People are always asking us, how can we help the library? One really simple way is when you do your purchasing on Amazon, simply go to Amazon Smile instead. Amazon Smile takes a percentage of what you pay for all your items and sends it to the Monroeton Public Library at no cost to you. To help you figure out exactly where to go click here to be sent to the Amazon Smile page. You will not need to set up another account, it will just have you log into your Amazon account, and then you can do all your shopping. If you are still having difficulty figuring out how to use Amazon Smile go to our Facebook videos where you can find a step by step video to help you out.

Is Learning Time happening?

If the Towanda Area School District has a delay or cancels school, our Learning Time will be canceled. Please be aware Learning Times might be canceled because of other unforeseen circumstances. We routinely post on our Facebook page when Learning Time will not occur.  Like and follow us on Facebook.